Restoring Hall windows

The Need

Stroud is a rural township of fewer than 1,000. For 179 years its citizens have kept the buildings in reasonable repair. With the passing of time the fabric of the buildings has become more fragile and requires costly solutions to ensure our history is preserved for future generations.

The economic well being of rural townships in Australia is vital but often difficult to maintain. With tourism a major growth industry in Australia, Stroud, with well preserved history, is well positioned to capture a public increasingly interested in Australia's history.

Stroud Heritage Conservation Incorporated, acting as Trustee, hopes to ensure the heritage so vital to Stroud's economic well-being does not fall into disrepair. The Board aims to raise a capital sum to ensure a reliable source of income so that restoration and conservation is not totally reliant on the variable outcome of annual fundraising activities.

To raise the needed capital the Trustee will seek corporate and private donations


NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage

Aesthetic Significance

"The St. John's Group of Buildings, Stroud, has a very high degree of aesthetic appeal. They are a distinctive and attractive group of Colonial Georgian sandstock brick buildings, dating from the 1830's. They are representative of the Colonial character and the style of buildings constructed at that time."

Restoring east window of St.