The Importance

The St. John’s Group of Buildings is possibly the most important extant European grouping of buildings in our nation. Most having been built within the first 50 years of European settlement in Australia they remain in their rural context, unsullied by development around them and are still being used for the community good as they have been from the beginning. In 1976 Stroud was among the first rural towns to be classified by the National trust of Australia.

The buildings set the character of Stroud township. Their bricks and mortar tell the story of Stroud's role in the foundation of Australia's agricultural and pastoral industries.

The St. John's Group Buildings are national monuments and draw numerous visitors to Stroud from throughout Australia and overseas. A secure future for the buildings is vital to the economic and social health of the community and to Stroud's sense of a unique identity as Australia's oldest surviving company town.

The Stroud Heritage Conservation Trust is a farsighted project designed to preserve this key element of our nation's pastoral history which in turn will underpin the attractiveness of Stroud with consequent economic benefits.