Stroud Heritage Conservation Incorporated, formed to be Trustee of the Stroud Heritage Conservation Trust, is an association incorporated on 17 May 2011 and endorsed for charity tax concessions from that date.


The governing body is a board of seven, elected by the membership to ensure that a majority have appropriate status as designated by the Commissioner of Taxation.


The association has both Personal Members and Organisational Members. The three existing Organisational Members are Great Lakes Council, the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle and the Friends of St John’s Stroud Incorporated. Each Orgasnisational Member appoints an Authorised Representative to attend meetings of the association and to be available to serve on the board as an ordinary board member or as an officer. All three Organisational Members are represented on the board.


Individually, board members commit to a Code of Conduct, adopted on 20 August 2012. As a board they adhere to a set of Operating Principles adopted on the same date. All members, on joining the association, agree to a code of respect and support for the association’s objectives.


Stroud Heritage Conservation Incorporated, ABN 60 466 866 005, Incorporation Number 989 5272.


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