A message from Professor, The Hon. Dame Marie Bashir AC CVO

"Many reminders of  sixty thousand years of Aboriginal habitation  can be found across our ancient continent, but of the first fifty years of European settlement there are so few that we need to treasure and protect them.  

"Stroud  Heritage Conservation Trust has come into being with this purpose. It seeks to ensure the preservation of a striking reminder of our agricultural pioneers: a cluster of four Colonial Georgian  style buildings centred on the 1833 Church of St John the Evangelist. They are a rare and precious inheritance, architecturally intact and still in their original open grassy setting. 

"It seems a minor miracle that nearly 200 years of progress have spared all four of these companions from another age; that these buildings still nestle together like old trusted friends ready to tell the modern visitor their story of early settlement. 

"As Patron of  Stroud Heritage Conservation Trust it gives me great pleasure to support its visionary work. I would urge the present generation to respect and care for these foundation stones of early agricultural endeavours in Australia. We  will honour the faith of their builders if we ensure that future generations are able to gain from them at first hand an understanding  of our often difficult beginnings."

Professor, The Hon. Dame Marie Bashir AC CVOI

A message from Mr. John B Fairfax AO

"It is my pleasure to be the Vice-Patron of Stroud Heritage Conservation Inc. Firstly, it is a community initiative which in many ways is so typical of the innovative community activities we see throughout the State and country. But secondly and most importantly it reflects our care and concern for what has taken place in the past and what has formed the foundation of what we have achieved today.

"Stroud has a historic place in Australia's agricultural history through the AA Company's involvement and the wonderful contribution of various individuals in crafting some lasting structures which our organisation proposes to preserve well into the future. Australians can be proud of our agricultural history. Stroud is a very significant part of it."

Mr. John B. Fairfax AO


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